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Sleep Walking Vol.1, 2017, 48 inch× 44 inch (121.92cm×111.76cm) Acrylic on Canvas 



Sleeping on the Bed

I’m in a dream now.


Cicadas shrills from temples

In a humid summer

Aftershock of Earthquake

Crow craws.


awkward atmosphere in a train.


Bell is ringing. It’s five o’clock.

I have to go back home.


I feel like I am in a daydream. But, I am


Sleeping on the Bed

In a small room in Brooklyn.


Fire truck wakes me up

But, I am still in a daydream.


Smell, sound, tastes, texture

, My perspective is changing.


Bell is ringing. It’s five o’clock.

I’d better go back home.


Two worlds (/words) are colliding in my head. -----------------------------------------------

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